Student Entrepreneurial Start Up

September 14, 2020

In 2019, Creature Cadets was presented with the coveted St Paul’s Most Outstanding Student Business Award. This award values the student/s commitment, entrepreneurial persistence, and enterprising skills in wanting to improve the lives of others through their idea or invention. The award highlights and recognises the effort involved in turning an idea into a business. Riley Barrett now Year 5, co-owns and operates a Pet Minding and Caring business, a little different to the rest. Our Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs supports Riley with mentoring and networking to grow his business and our Junior School staff are accommodating to the needs of his schooling whilst holding a schedule that includes newspaper interviews and TV appearances. Riley’s passion began with a love for all animals, wanting to learn more about them, and ensure every animal he meets feels loved and has what they need. This passion has turned into a profitable business with Riley regularly booked out, caring for snakes, scorpions, mice, dogs, and more and receiving glowing reviews from clients, both human and pet! He also supports animal charities, giving his time and energy to make a difference and contribution. Riley and Creature Cadets are perfect examples of creative thinking and entrepreneurial capability in action.