CLF Implementation and Planning

August 25, 2020

As a Curriculum Leader who started their time at St Paul’s School in 2020, I have found the professional development associated to the Realms Common Learning Framework to be highly informative and engaging.

The Realms framework connects with each teacher’s responsibility to plan for the individual needs of their classes, allowing space to document the consolidation of knowledge and skills, as well as considering increased complexity for some students; the framework has creativity and educational differentiation at its heart.

In leading the Humanities and Business team through the planning and implementation phases, I have found that the resources provided by the Realms of Thinking coaches has been exceptionally beneficial.

My staff are engaged in this approach to planning, teaching and learning and I am excited to see what subsequent new unit plans, activities and assessments will be created.







Kerbi McMillan
Curriculum Leader: Humanities and Business.