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Design Led Venture – World’s Biggest Garage Sale

Design Led Venture

World’s Biggest Garage Sale

2019 was the inaugural year of our Design Led Venture (DLV) where students from Years 6 to 12 were invited to apply to be a part of this DLV. Through the application process seven students were identified to be trail blazers in becoming a part of what would be a finely tuned problem-solving machine.

The DLV team worked with the World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) to understand and identify a need, opportunity or problem to resolve. The students worked through an iterative design-led process to deliver an innovative solution.

The team completed a 15-week journey which included workshops during the school day, visiting and interviewing WBGS stakeholders, design thinking, honing their creative dispositions and developing their entrepreneurial skills.

The experiences these students were exposed to included:

  • Working with Tim Franklin from Own Your Own Show to develop their ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ as a means of identifying their mission.
  • Spending  time reflecting on their own creativity dispositions and collaborating to build a picture of the strengths and opportunities they have as a team.
  • Identifying key stakeholders within the WBGS who would provide them with insights into the organisation. This involved conducting empathy interviews.
  • Data gathering, analysis and evaluation to identify a growth opportunity which would be the driving focus for the students to meet the identified need.

Growth Opportunity
“How might we engage a global community in the Circular Economy to normalise purposeful consumption?”

  • The students embarked on an ideation workshop where they ended up with 110 ideas. They certainly drew on many of the creativity dispositions to achieve so many ideas.

  • Students evaluated their ideas to identify potential themes and insights.
  • Solutions were developed through further research around the circular economy and feedback from the client to propose a final solution for the identified growth opportunity.
  • Students also worked on validating and testing their ideas, mapping the user experience and prototyping the solution.

The DLV experience culminated with a large celebration event where the team presented their solution to the client. The client was super impressed with the collaboration and outcome.

“I always felt in good hands; the team was professional, open, honest and trustworthy. What they pitched is a game changer for our business and the circular economy. Every business needs to have young minds as advisers.”

Design Led Ventures form an important component of our vision to grow our student’s capacity to ask better questions, navigate challenges, develop empathy, and be innovative thinkers.