Realms in Action

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Realms of Thinking have the capacity to transform what curriculum looks like. Students as young as eight can think like an entrepreneur and help corporates identify innovative solutions to real world challenges.

Our wonderful project

This programme integrates multiple disciplines whilst also encouraging learner’s growth of empathy, collaboration, resilience, service learning, sustainability and community awareness.

Furthermore, the programme has enabled St Paul’s School students to be engaged as management consultants for corporations, including Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC).

BAC approached St Paul’s School for input into the design of the organisation’s 2036 masterplan. Industry experts from BAC’s innovation unit partnered with the School to design a two-day design led venture that analysed: the future population and structure of greater Brisbane; investigated trends in changes to technology and infrastructure; went through an ideation phase of designing new areas of the airport that aligned with their business objectives; and prototyped a model airport that incorporated these new features.

The BAC experts were so impressed with the students’ innovative thinking that some of the students’ ideas have now been incorporated into the Airport’s final 2036 masterplan.

“The confidence of these students to use design thinking and identify really innovative solutions was outstanding. Their innovative thinking is something we love getting access to and being inspired by.”

Steven Grant, Brisbane Airport Corporation